Imane “pokimane” Anys is still continuing to rule her throne as the most popular female streamer on Twitch, but the recent stats of her channel show how enormous her current popularity is, and how rapidly she is growing on the streaming platform.

Pokimane currently rocks a follower count of over 6.2 million on the platform. According to Stream Charts, the Twitch star has accumulated almost a million watched hours over the past week alone. Apart from that, her concurrent viewer count has peaked at over 44,000.

In a recent announcement, Pokimane capped her donations to $5, saying that anything excess is “unnecessary”. The move was appreciated by her fans and critics across the world alike.

Based on the number of hours watched, Pokimane is followed by ‘Hafu’ and ‘Justaminx’. All of the three have been seen streaming a lot of ‘Among Us’ over the past few weeks. The murder mystery game has proven itself to be one of the most entertaining games to watch currently, cementing its place towards the top of the Twitch charts in terms of viewership for a while now.