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Pokimane reveal the number of Twitch users banned from her chat

Being the biggest female streamer on Twitch comes with its fair share of problems. Pokimane being the personality that she is often encounters some people among her audience who at times are harmful to the atmosphere of her stream. Without making much of a fuss about it, her mods straight up ban such disturbing elements from her chat.

Recently, Pokimane has chosen to take a shot at acknowledging the unban requests from viewers who were previously banned from her chat for unsocial behavior.

The unban requests are essentially Twitch users apologizing for the inappropriate acts that got them banned in the first place. In the process of looking through the apology requests, she came across the total number of users banned from her chat in all these years of her streaming.

Pokimane found out that she has banned over 3,50,000 users, but she wasn’t surprised by the number until she found out they were real users segregated from the bots which are “crazy”.

“There are a lot of bots. Normal users, maybe 350k,” she stated. “That’s not including bots?! That’s crazy!”She later said that number would go as high as 10 million if bots were counted. “That is absolutely buckwild,” said a flabbergasted Pokimane “Bots are 10 million-plus! What? Actually, what? Wow!”.

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