Pokimane asks xQc and Trainwreck to stop promoting illegal gambling sites

Image of streamer Pokimane during her podcast, discussing her decision to leave Twitch and her commitment to fostering a more inclusive and positive streaming community

The biggest female streamer on Twitch, Pokimane, has asked fellow streamers in xQc and Trainwreck to hold back on promoting questionable gambling websites that may be “ethically ambiguous”.

Pokimane in her recent stream addressed the long-standing debate on whether gambling should be promoted in Twitch given how the platform boat users across all age groups. She had little to say on gambling streams but called out several top streamers from promoting websites that are “sketchy” and “ethically ambiguous” as she believes that doing so is “negatively impactful”.

She argued that most of the streamers with lucrative casino deals are already multi-millionaire in worth. Their financial cushion opens up several doors for them if something goes wrong which the general public can not afford to do. “It would be a good idea for people to sit down at that point and [ask themselves] what is ethically or maybe morally just not worth it,” she said.

“Obviously, the comments [about him] are all assuming the absolute worst and creating the worst narrative,” she said.

“I don’t even think people want to hate on him. I just think they want to hear him acknowledge the other side of the take,” she added.

“For example, if he just said, ‘I understand all the negatives of gambling, but I just decide that it’s worthwhile for me,’ I think people would respect that a lot more.”

Most of the community aligns with her thought process as most feel that influencers should refrain from promoting schemes/websites that carry a risk factor that can put their fans in a harmful way.

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