Pokemon Unite Beta: Registration, Release Date and More

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Pokemon Unite is the new MOBA game that is developed by TiMi studios. As the name suggests, this game is a MOBA title with characters as Pokemons and their masters. This concept is pretty unique and applying it to make a title similar to MLBB must have been a hard task. After a long wait, the game is finally getting launched in a beta stage, and here are the details.

Pokemon Unite has received mixed reviews since the announcement of its launch. The potential of a Pokemon-based MOBA was questioned by many and claims revealed that the YouTube video of the announcement quickly became the most disliked video on The Pokémon Company‘s YouTube channel.

The YouTube channel of Pokemon Unite has released an official trailer that showcases the basic outlook of how the game is going to be and what the fans can expect out of it. It also shares several details about the initial launch date and other things.

Pokemon Unite will be launched in March 2021 for Canada only. This the only region which is included in the first beta testing stage with no clarification about other regions that might be added. There are some requirements that should be fulfilled by one if they want to participate in this beta testing phase. They are as follows:

  • Players must be at least 16 years old to participate.
  • In-game progress will be reset upon the beta’s completion.
  • The regional beta test is open only to residents of Canada.
  • Capture or streaming of gameplay is not allowed during the regional beta test.

How to access Pokemon Unite from other regions?

It is technically possible to play Pokemon Unite from other regions except Canada by using VPN or changing the location of your Google Play ID but this comes with lots of complications and we advise you to simply wait until the game is launched in your region.

Players who might try to access the game by using a VPN can face bans from the developers themselves and even some actions on their ID so be careful before taking any risky actions.

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