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PMWL East – Grand Finals Day Three Results: U Level UP stand by their name

U Level UP showcases wonders by landing two wins and third position in overall leaderboards. RRQ Athena lead the tables and Bigetron RA lie very close to the top spot.

Day three was full of exciting matches and very unexpected zone finishes in each of these maps. U Level UP rise today with two wins and Orange Rock and Team IND keep the hopes up for Indian fans. Bigetron RA, RRQ and U Level UP fight closely for the top spot.

Match One – Erangel:

Erangel begins with a slow paced meta. The usual loot and rotate-in strategy was opted by all of the players. There were few engagements but none of it had bigger impact on any teams. TSM-Entity took a heavy beating while rotating and were starting to tumble slowly.

The mid-phase of this game shifted the pace of the map. TSM-Entity’s vehicles were already battered down and when they were forced to rotate in the same, they instantly took damage from gate-keeping teams and were eliminated early on. Yodoo Gank rotated towards U Level UP and wiped them out.

Team IND was pouncing onto other teams and stacking up good amount of kills. The zone shift favoured some of these teams and they took the advantage. Valdus Esports, Team IND and Megastars finally had to move when Team Secret held the final circle.

Valdus Esports made a death-run onto Team Secret and striked with all of their might. Team Secret did attempt to stop them but got eliminated in the process. On the other hand, Megastars eliminated Team IND and swiftly rotated in to take a good position advantage and win the match by wiping last player from Valdus Esports.

  • MegaStars won the match with 12 kills ane 32 points.
  • Valdus Esports ranked second with 11 kills ame 25 points.
  • Team Secret ranked third with 4 kills and 14 points.

Match Two – Vikendi:

Vikendi is the slowest map played in competitive PUBG Mobile and viewers have to wait for any action to take place. Teams ideally locate to the most central part of this map and hope for some steady zone shrinks that may favour them. A similar meta was followed in this map.

After the zone was small enough, players fought against each other and the teams were eliminated quickly in the mere seconds. Team Secret and RRQ tanked the playzone damage and ended their journey outside of playzone.

Orange Rock pushed towards U Level UP and cleanly wiped them out. Teams were indirectly helping each other by third-party plays and while some teams benefitted, many of them took heavy damage. The numbers dropped instantly and the last battle started between Yodoo Gank and GXR Celtz.

Both the teams had equal manpower and faced each other in the final phase, slinging around their guns and trying to capture the victory. After a chaotic fight, GXR Celtz emerged victorious in this map.

  • GxR Celtz won the map with 5 kills and 25 points.
  • Yodoo Gank ranked second with 8 kills and 22 points.
  • Orange Rock ranked third with 8 kills and 13 points.

Match Three – Erangel:

After initial loot and rotate, team IND found two players of Celtz and instantly took them down. On the other hand, one player of Orange Rock was killed by TSM-Entity. Celtz could not survive any longer as Valdus Esports eliminate them very early.

The circle started to shift towards the sunken city near Rozhok and teams started packing up into the circle. It was so tightly packed that anybody who dared to even peek out was instantly knocked down. Bigetron RA tried to enter the city from the shorelines but Jonathan stopped them single handedly and then a rush from TSM sent Bigetron packing out of this game.

The city was completely populated to the extent that 6 teams were remaining in the final circles, barely surviving by the edges. A chaotic fight started where Orange rock took down RRQ and some players of U Level UP. TSM was wiped out by collaborative efforts of Valdus Esports and Scout. Orange Rock managed to survive in the adverse situations on their drop location and secured the victory.

  • Orange Rock won the map with 7 kills and 27 points.
  • Valdus Esports ranked second with 12 kills and 22 points.
  • TSM-Entity ranked third with 10 kills and 18 points.

Match Four – Miramar:

Bigetron RA took heavy damage from T1 in the very early stages as they lose 2 players. Celtz also lost one player to the hands of Orange Rock. Celtz themselves were fighting against Megastars where the latter team decided to disengage and go for position instead.

Megastars and Team IND faced each other when they were entering the zone, where Team IND took heavy damage from Megastars and the last player did not apply heals in time due to which the entire team got eliminated by playzone damage. Team Secret take down Valdus Esports in the initial stages.

Orange Rock and U Level UP were crammed into a single compound where none of them escaped unscathed. Orange Rock was eliminated but a single player from U Level UP managed to survive till the end. SynerGE took down Team Secret on the other side of the map.

T1 and BOX Gaming were fighting for a long time and when BOX Gaming fully committed to the push, T1 got the upper hand and only one player was left standing for both the teams. RRQ Athena played the spoiler in this fight and eliminated BOX Gaming. One player U Level UP successfully managed to secure second place finish for his team.

  • RRQ Athena win the map with 5 kills and 25 points.
  • U Level UP rank second with 8 kills and 22 points
  • T1 ranked third with 7 kills and 15 points.

Match Five – Sanhok:

The action in Sanhok started very early. Teams did not fight for the loot but fought quickly while rotating around. Galaxy Racers Celtz was cleanly wiped by TSM-Entity in the start of this map.

Orange Rock pressured Bigetron RA who were looking to climb the mountains. BTR quickly decided to run away as the zone took a southward shift heavily favouring TSM-Entity and U Level UP.

Megastars and Valdus Esports lost some players to the water rotations. Orange Rock somehow pulled off a long rotation and end up under the bridge. One player from U Level UP wiped the entire squad of KOG Club with a single grenade in a very impressive manner. U Level UP was gifted the final circle as well.

Team IND ran towards the zone where they managed to take down few players of U Level UP but got wiped in the process. Under the bridge, TSM took down last standing player of OR but U Level UP quickly took advantage and won this map.

  • U Level UP won the match with 11 kills and 31 points.
  • TSM-Entity ranked second with 9 kills and 23 points.
  • Team IND ranked third with 8 kills and 16 points.

Match Six – Erangel:

T1 and GXR Celtz engaged early on in the eastern side of the map, outside of playzone. Both of the teams wasted so much time but finally T1 got the opening and pushed ahead. MJ alone was left standing and he almost clutched it out again by knocking three players of T1 but could not end the job as T1 wipe Celtz.

T1 rotated late into the circle and paid the prize. The zone moved towards the mountain top and ridge fights started. Teams tried to rotate in but lost their manpower. Bigetron and BOX Gaming pressure KOG Club from both of the sides and wipe them out.

Orange Rock was trapped but Yodoo Gank indirectly saved them as they manage to revive one player and capitalise on the zone. Bigetron and BOX Gaming were soon wiped out as U Level UP dominated from the mountain tops.

Orange Rock patiently waited until the other teams fought and managed to secure the second spot as U Level UP win the last match of day three.

  • U Level UP won the match with 8 kills and 28 points
  • Orange Rock rank second with 8 kills and 22 points
  • Bigetron RA rank third with 7 kills and 13 points

Overall Standings:


Bigetron RA stay at the top of the leaderboards but RRQ Athena have the same points as them with less amount of kills. RRQ somehow managed to pull a huge comeback rising from the bottom half to directly contest the top posRRQ Athena make a huge comeback in two days and gain the more than 150 points in 12 maps with five wins. They ranked at the bottom half of the leaderboards at the end of day one but they climb the ladders to the top spot at the end of day three. Bigetron RA are dethroned today but can close the 2 points gap easily in the last day of grand finals.

U Level UP rise above BOX Gaming and now secure the third spot with two wins from today’s matches. They are consistently living up to their name and are just 4 points behind from the top spot. BOX Gaming also lie very close with 2 points gap.

Orange Rock and Team IND are consistent in their gameplay and can aim for the top spot in tomorrow’s matches. The task is going to be hard but not impossible to achieve.

Tomorrow the matches end and we get the Eastern champions of PMWL after a month long tournament and over one hundred of total matches played.

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