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PMPL Arabia 2021 Week 2 Super Weekend: Teams, Format, Stream

We are into the second stage of PMPL Arabia 2021 Regular Season week 2 where Yalla Esports was the points table-toppers of the week 2 league day. The team got a total of 103 points including the 45 kills and two chicken dinners on day 2 of the event. Stage 2 of week 2 is set to take place from 27th May to  29th May 2021. The top 16 teams from the weekday’s leaderboard will compete in the upcoming super weekend. 

Only the points of each Super Weekend are cumulated towards league standings. The three-week-long regular season will act as a qualifying round for the finals whereas the finals will act as seeding for the EMEA Championship which is scheduled to be held in June. The EMEA Championship will seed top teams from Europe, Africa, and the Arabia region.


As stated earlier, PMPL Arabia Regular Season is divided into two-stage – Weekdays and Supper Weekend.

Weekday saw each team play a total of matches 8 a week, every Tuesday & Wednesday (each day 4 matches). Out of which, the top 16 teams qualified for the Super Weekend 2. The Super weekend stage will be played in a single lobby format. The teams will play a total of 15 matches in a week, every Thursday, Friday & Saturday (each day 5 matches). Only the points of each Super Weekend are cumulated towards league standings. Which will be used to qualify for the PMPL finals.


  • Yalla Esports – 103 points
  • GUNZ Esport
  • Zombies Esports
  • Real Tiger9
  • Alpha Legends
  • Fate Esports
  • Rico Infinity Team
  • NASR Esports
  • SUDOR Esports
  • RTG Esports
  • The Snipers
  • Galaxy Racer
  • iKURD Esports
  • Fanatic Zombies

Super Weekend 1 table-toppers ‘Falcons Esports couldn’t qualify

The last day of the week 2 league day ended with a surprise for all the PMPL Arabia viewers. Falcons Esports, who were leading the week 1 super weekend standings could not qualify for this week’s super weekend event. The team only managed to get a total of 26 points with 18 kills.

Presently, the squad is at the top of the super weekend leaderboard with a total of 196 points. Out of the 15 matches played in the last super weekend, the team took two chicken dinners. It is obvious, the team will fall down on the overall super weekend standings due to the absence in week 2. Along with Falcons Esport, Team RA’AD, Flare Royal Team, and Arab GSG were also ruled out of the week 2 super weekend.

Good news came for all the PUBG Mobile Indian fans, Galaxy Racer managed to qualify for the Super weekend 2. The team finished at the 14th spot in the league day standings with 43 points. You can watch your favorite team back in action on the official channels of PUBG Mobile Esports.


PMPL Arabia week 2 Super weekend will be streamed live on YouTube and Facebook. Here is the link to the streams, where you can watch the top 16 teams competing with each other.


Here is the schedule of the matches, along with the maps to be played by the teams.

  • Day 1 – 27th May, Thursday
  • Day 2 – 28th May, Friday
  • Day 3 – 29th May, Saturday

Maps to be played each day in the same order (5 matches)

  • Erangel
  • Miramar
  • Sanhok
  • Miramar
  • Erangel

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