PMPL Arabia 2021 Week 2 Day 1: Match Recap, Overall Standings, Results

PMPL Arabia regular season is a 3 week long event where the best teams from the region will be competing to qualify for the finals.

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The top 20 teams got back in action in the PMPL Arabia Season 1 Weekdays 2. The 20 teams were drawn into the same groups consisting of 4 teams each. Each team played a total of 4 matches on day 1 of the week 2 league season.

FATE Esports finished at the top spot at the end of week 2 day 1 with a total of 27 kills and 59 points along with one chicken dinner in the first match. GUNZ Esport, SUDOR Esports, NASR Esports, and Real Tiger9 got a single chicken dinner throughout the day. GUNZ Esport finished at the second position with 51 points, followed by Yalla Esports with 50 points. 

Fanatic Zombies could not take a single kill throughout the day and finished at 16th position on the leaderboard.


The first blood of match 1 was drawn by NASR Miracle, he took out Saleh from Zombies Esport. The Snipers became the first team to get eliminated at the hands of the Flare Royal Team. The squad took on the snipers with ease and without any loss of a player. Galaxy Racers couldn’t do much in the first match of the day and got eliminated in the 13th position. Fate Esports took the first chicken dinner of the day with 15 kills followed by Yalla Esports with 8 kills.


The second match of the day was played on Sanhok where the circle was formed on the southwest side of the map. ARAB GSG was the first team to be eliminated without any kills. On the other hand, NASR Esports won the chicken dinner with 9 kills followed by The Snipers with 8 kills. RTG Esports took the third position on the standings with 4 kills.


The first circle of the third game was formed on the south side of the map. With the first two maps of the day gone bad, Galaxy Racers badly needed to get this game in their favor to keep into the race towards Super weekend 2. The team came back strong and managed to finish at the second position with 18 points and 6 kills. While Real Tiger9 took the chicken dinner with 9 kills. SUDOR Esports who got eliminated on the sixth spot managed to secure 9 kills for the team.


As this was the last match of the day for group A teams. Each team was trying hard to get their spot for the week 2 super weekend stage. The Snipers were the first team to get eliminated from the game. Though Galaxy Racers managed to get 4 kills in the mid phase of the game. The team got eliminated in the 13th position. SUDOR Esports emerged as the champions of the game with 10 kills followed by RTG Esports at the second spot on the standings.


The last match of the day was played in Miramar between groups B,C,D,E. Team Falcons Esport was the first team to get eliminated in the 16th position with 2 kills. Rico Infinity Team were the highest kill scorers (13) in the match and secured the second position on the standings. GUNZ Esport took the chicken dinner with 10 kills with all squad members alive in the last circle of the game.

PMPL Arabia Season 1: Week 2 Day 1 Overall Standings

  • Fate Esports – 59 points
  • GUNZ Esport – 51 points
  • YaLLa Esports – 50 points
  • SUDOR Esports –  45 points
  • RTG Esports – 45 points
  • NASR Esports – 42 points
  • SCYTES – 35 points
  • Zombies Esports – 35 points
  • RICO INFINITY TEAM – 33 points
  • Real Tiger9 – 30 points
  • Galaxy Racer – 25 points
  • The Snipers –  21 points
  • iKURD Esports – 21 points
  • Flare Royal Team – 17 points
  • HOTLINE ESPORTS – 16 points
  • Fanatic Zombies – 15 points
  • Falcons Esport – 15 points
  • Alpha Legends – 15 points
  • RA’AD – 12 points
  • ARAB GSG – 8 points

The teams will be back in action for Week 2 Day 2 League Play. The top 16 teams league play will qualify for the Super weekend Week 2.

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