PMPL Arabia 2021 SW1 Day 3: Recap, Overall Standings, Results

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The final day of the PMPL Arabia Season 1: Super weekend Week 1 ended with Falcons Esport leading the standings with 196 points. The team managed to take 81 kills out of the 15 matches. The squad also got the highest placement points (115) which helped them to retain a lead of 30 points from the second leaderboard topper.

Zombies Esports finished at the 2nd spot with 166 points including the 95 kill points. The squad was the highest kill points leader of the Super Weekend week 1. The third spot on the leaderboard was taken by GUNZ Esport with 164 points.

Super weekend points will decide the League Stage overall standings of PUBG Mobile Pro League Arabia Season 1. After three weeks of play, the top 16 teams will qualify for PMPL Arabia Season 1 finals.

PMPL Arabia 2021: Super Weekend Week 1 Day 3 Match Wise Summary


Zombies Esports kept their domination in the first match of the day 3 super weekend 1. They finished at the number two position on the points table with 10 kills. Whereas SUDOR Esports took the first chicken dinner of the day with 10 kills. The match was played on Erangel where the first circle was formed slightly towards the northwest part of the map. The first squad to get eliminated was Team RA’AD while Falcons Esport secured 3rd position with 7 kills.


The second match of the day was played in Miramar, where Team RA’AD made a massive comeback and secured a chicken dinner for them with 13 kills. The squad turned the table upside down and dominated throughout the game. Falcons Esport was at its peak performance and took the second spot in the points table with 5 points. Till the completion of game 2, Falcons Esport was leading the standings with a decent points difference.


The only match of the day which was played on Sanhok was conquered by GUNZ Esport. But the spotlight of the match was taken away by Zombies Esports. The squad finished at 3rd position in the game but climbed up to the top spot in the standings due to a massive 15 kills game. The team owned the complete battleground and took on every team out of their way with ease. SUDOR Esports finished at number three spot with 17 kills.


In the fourth match of the final day, Hotline Esports won the chicken dinner with 7 kills. Alpha Legends were the highest kill leaders of the match with 9 kills and secured the second spot in the standing, followed by Flare Royal Team with 6 kills.


Flare Royal Team used their momentum of the previous match and completely dominated the final game of Super Weekend 1. The team got a massive 17 kills. Falcons Esport took a total of 22 points with 10 kills. Though SUDOR Esports finished at 4th position in the game but climbed up to 3rd spot in the standings due to 5 kills.

PMPL Arabia 2021: Super weekend Week 1 Day 3 Overall Standings

  • Falcons Esports – 196 Points
  • Zombies Esports – 166 Points
  • GUNZ ESPORT – 164 Points
  • ALPHA Legends – 151 Points
  • Rico Infinity Team – 140 Points
  • NASR Esports – 117 Points
  • Sudor Esports -116 Points
  • Road To Glory Esports – 116 Points
  • RAAD Esports – 104 Points
  • iKURD E-SPORTS – 104 Points
  • Flare Loyal Team – 89 Points
  • YaLLa Esports  – 80 Points
  • HOTLINE Esports – 77 Points
  • Real Tiger9 – 59 Points
  • SCYTES Esports  – 58 Points
  • ARAB GSG –  53 Points

With the completion of Super Weekend 1, all 20 teams will enter into the week 2 league stage. Each team will play a total of matches 8 a week, every Tuesday & Wednesday (each day 4 matches). Out of which, the top 16 teams will qualify for Super Weekend 2.

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