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PMPL Arabia 2021 Super Weekend Week 1 Day 1: Match Recap, Overall Standings, Results

The first day of the PMPL Arabia week 1 supper weekend concluded today. Falcons Esports are leading the table with 34 kills and 83 points at the end of the first day, followed by Alpha Legends with 32 kills and 78 points. Falcons Esports was the only team to get two chicken dinners in a day. Whereas, Alpha Legends was the most consistent performing team of the day. NASR Esport stands at the third position on the leaderboards with 30 kills.

SUDOR Esports couldn’t do much on the first day and managed to secure only 10 points. Fanatic zombies, FATE Esports, Galaxy Racers, and The Snipers were not seen on day 1 as they couldn’t qualify for the Super weekend stage.

PMPL Arabia 2021: Super Weekend Week 1 Day 1 Match Wise Summary


The first match of the Super weekend began with the top 16 teams that qualified through the weekday stage. Flare Royal was the first team to get eliminated from the map. Falcons Esports secured the first chicken dinner of the day with 7 kills. Rico Infinity Team (9 kills) and Gunz Esport (8 kills) finished at the second and third spots on the leaderboard.


Alpha Legends were the winners of super weekend match 2 and got 8 kills. The second map was played on Miramar, ARAB GSG was the first team to be eliminated from the field. Alpha Legends, Falcons Esports, and iKURD Esports were the last surviving teams in the final circle of the match. Falcons Esports and iKURD Esports managed to secure 6 kills individually.


The teams played their first-ever regular-season match in Sanhok. RA’AD were the winners of match 3 and secured massive 11 kills. Thus, adding 26 points to their super weekend table. Though RTG Esports was the second last team to get eliminated in the match, the team got slipped into the fourth position due to fewer kills (3). Gunz Esport and Alpha Legends finished at second and third spot respectively.


The weekday stage table toppers, NASR Esport emerged as the winner of match 4 with massive 12 kills. Alpha Legends (4 kills) and RA’AD (7 kills) finished at second and third spots respectively. The first circle of the game was formed on the southern side of the map, thus covering up some part of the ocean. This made survival difficult for the teams in the initial minutes of the game. Real Tiger9 was the first team to get eliminated from the match, though they managed to get 3 kills.


The last match of the day was played in Erangel. Falcons Esports got their second chicken dinner of the day with 18 kills. It was the highest number of kills taken by any team during all five matches. Yalla Esports slipped to the fourth position, although being the second last team to get eliminated. 

PMPL Arabia 2021: Super weekend Week 1 Day 1 Overall Standings

  • Falcons Esports – 83 Points
  • ALPHA Legends – 78 Points
  • NASR Esports – 61   Points
  • GUNZ ESPORT – 59  Points
  • RAAD Esports – 44 Points
  • Rico Infinity Team – 38 Points
  • YaLLa Esports  – 36 Points
  • Road To Glory Esports –  32 Points
  • iKURD E-SPORTS – 28 Points
  • ARAB GSG –  25 Points
  • Zombies Esports – 25 Points
  • SCYTES Esports  – 23 Points
  • Real Tiger9 – 22 Points
  • HOTLINE Esports – 17 Points
  • Flare Loyal Team – 15 Points
  • Sudor Esports – 10 Points

With only 10 more matches left in the Super Weekend week 1. Each will be looking on to take the lead from the teams that could not qualify this week. Day 2 will commence tomorrow with the same set of teams.  

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