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PMPL 2020 adds a couple of slots for South Asia, SynerGE pulled in

PUBG mobile Esports has decided to increase number of slots in PUBG mobile world league East from 16 to 18. Both of the added slots will be filled by teams from South Asia region. Earlier, five slots were given to teams from South Asia region. Now, seven South Asian teams will be rewarded with a PUBG mobile world league slot. Orange Rock, TSM Entity and GodLike already qualified for the PMWL East after their incredible performances in PMPL South Asia league stage.

One of the two added slots has already been rewarded to the team that ranked 4th in PMPL SA league stage i.e. SynerGE. This a delight to team SynerGE as it just missed the third spot by 9 points in PMPL SA and compete with other teams again in the finals for PMWL slot.

Another added PMWL East slot will be awarded to the team that will rank third in PMPL SA finals. Earlier, only top two teams were to be selected for PMWL East. All top three teams of PMPL SA finals will now be rewarded with a PMPL slot. If any of the top 4 teams from PMPL SA regular season finish in the qualified area, PMWL slot will then be given to the next team/teams.

PMPL SA finals are being held on 12th, 13th and 14th June with five matches being played each day. Top 16 teams of PMPL SA will be fighting for a massive prize pool and three PMWL slots. PMPL SA finals will be streamed live on PUBG mobile esports youtube channel. The stream will start at 6.30 PM IST. Which three teams will top the leaderboard of PMPL finals according to you? Comment your answers below.

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