PUBG-M has taken the Playstore by storm and is currently at more than 100 million downloads. The game has become a part of our lives and comes up in one aspect or the other.

With the addictive nature of the game, many players have become violent and aggressive as per a report published in DNA. Following these activities, Rajkot Police Commissioner,Manoj Agrawal issued a temporary ban on PUBG.

The chairperson of the Gujarat child rights body, Jagruti Pandya has confirmed that a nationwide ban has been recommended by the National Commission for Protection of Child Right. The announcement will be instrumental to the Gujarat government to take the decision of banning the game in schools

The game will be banned from March 9 till April 30 and anyone found playing the game will be prosecuted under the Section 188 of the Central Government Act

However, PUBG is not the only game that has been banned. The Rajkot Police have also banned the Momo challenge in which a player was asked to complete some challenges that ultimately resulted in their death.

This move will face huge backlash from the general public as it takes away their right of living their lives as per their choices, thus restricting their freedom