Piercing Blow Indian team NeckBREAK beats NA and SG at PBIC Thailand

Team NeckBreak, the Indian representer at Point Blank International Championship, PBIC have beaten teams from North America and Singapore.

Piercing Blow, the one-year-old online FPS battle free-to-play game which has over 100 million active gamers in 70 different countries had a major tournament organized in Thailand. A total of 13 teams from 12 different nations were invited to play at this $100,000 event held at Central World Live, Bangkok, Thailand.

piercing blow

Each team from Brazil, India, Indonesia, Europe, Korea, North America, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, Venezuela and two from Thailand were present at the international two-day event which was scheduled on 24th of September. The teams were drawn into two different groups where India was placed in Group B alongside five other teams.

The event followed round-robin format where each team played with their fellow teams of each group, teams resting in group A had to play six games whereas group B teams played five games each. In both the groups, teams from Thailand, Mango and Ozone were undefeated in their 11 games as they both topped their respective groups A and B.

Team NeckBREAK, who are known to the community for their dominant participation in CS:GO and DotA 2 were participating in the event with the following roster:

  • Swapnil “PsykovskY” Gavand
  • Jainish “sHui*” Zobalia
  • Rohin “b0nZ1” Dhatingan
  • Himesh “c|0n3” Nepani
  • Gaurav “ZoZo” Sharma

Team NeckBreak were able to beat the North American and Singaporean side in their face-off during the group stages. Although they couldn’t qualify for the playoffs, their regular performance at PBIC 2016 has even helped them in getting a slot in the next edition of the event. The team was appreciated by the fellow contestants because of the short time they had for the preparations. When the other professional teams were playing the game for more than four years, the Indian team had the game in their lifestyle for less than six months.

Piercing Blow’s PBIC 2016 was dominated by the home teams, Ozone and Mango – winners and first runners-up respectively – who remained undefeated in their journey all through the tournament. The third place was secured by the Brazilian team 2KILLGaming.

PBIC is held in a different country every year, and the organization is aiming for the time when India will host PBIC in the future. The game, Piercing Blow launched in India 5 month ago. With the current monthly offline tournaments in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Pune, the team is looking forward to expanding it even further to more cities.

Piercing Blow is on Steam as a Free to Play. It is great to have a new game coming on the scene with lots of new opportunity for anyone who looks forward to taking the game as their competitive career, with monthly tournaments and two international tournaments every year, the game aims to make its space in the mainstream competitive events very soon.

You can follow Piercing Blow’s Indian team on their social networks or visit their website for frequent updates on the development of the game.