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Photos: Team SouL at PMWI 2022 Media Day

Team SouL has landed in Riyadh to play at their first international event in the past two years. The newly formed BGMI team will be playing at PUBG Mobile World Invitational with a prize pool of whopping $3 million.

Team SouL has already completed its media day and here are some snippets that shows that they are ready to take on the world.

Team SouL At PMWI 2022

Team SouL is currently one of the best BGMI teams from India ad they won BGMI Pro Series 2022 in the most dominating way to qualify for the PMWI 2022 main event.

This seeding slot was given to India after a long span of two years and Team SouL is present to make sure that India comes back on the international roadmap.

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A total of five pictures of Team SouL in action were revealed in the media day photoshoot and it shows that the entire team is beaming with confidence and energy.

Goblin looks as energetic as he always is and there is no sense of nervousness on his face. He is the man behind a lot of Team SouL’s success as he utterly decimates the entire opposition, laying graves in trail.

Omega dabs on the world as he is ready to lead his team towards the victory. Akshat seems confident as he stands flexing his biceps in the picture.

Hector looks very simplistic as he stands in a very shy and awkward position. Despite his shy nature, he is present in Riyadh to make India proud.

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