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PGL Stockholm Capsules Removed from CSGO in New Update

Valve shipped a new update for CSGO, highlighting the addition of experimental Vulkan Support to the game. This can be tested out by the new users by entering ‘-vulkan’ in the Launch options upon startup. There were a set of User Interface and Steam Input changes as well.

But behind all of these updates, one thing was also removed from the game that wasn’t highlighted in the Release Notes of the New CSGO update.

Valve removed all the items from the PGL Stockholm Major 2021 that could be bought from the in-game tab. Players only found out about this once the game was restarted after the update and the Stockholm 2021 tab was missing from the Main Menu.

Originally, PGL Stockholm items were expected to stay in the in-game store until December 20, 2021 as the Souvenir Tokens could only be redeemed until that date according to the description. But the Signature Capsules from the Top 8 teams, the Contender, Challenger and Legend sticker capsules were put on sale much longer than december 20th and could be bought until last night’s update.

The only things available in the in-game store are items from Operation Riptide and other items that could be brought previously. Stockholm 2021 items have now been removed from CSGO, souvenir packages and sticker capsules included. 

The removal resulted in a slight jump in price of Sticker capsules as well as Souvenir packages on the steam market. 

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