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Pakistani man recreates PUBG scene in real life and kills two people

A bizarre incident recently took place in Pakistan where a man tried to imitate a scene from a famous battle-royale PUBG and killed two people while injuring the other three in the process. The victims are said to be family members of the accused, who were later arrested by the police.

PUBG has been linked with many odd incidents in the country and as a result, the game banned for a short period of time in Pakistan. This is yet another incident where the man, referred to as “PUBG Addict”, open fired in the neighborhood after a domestic dispute with his family.

According to Mens XP, Deputy Superintendent of Police Umar Baloch stated that the family tried to stop the accused from playing PUBG on several occasions. The police officer said, “The accused recreated a PUBG scene. The accused had a brawl with his family the other day. Today, he brought a pistol from somewhere and opened fire.”

A CCTV footage was uploaded by ARY News which shows a man open firing in a small lane. The accused was also seen wearing a helmet, similar to a PUBG character on the battlefield.

CCTV Footage of the scene

The victims of this incident are members of his own friends and family. This is an outlandish incident where a game was mimicked in the most inappropriate way.

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