Pakistani DotA 2 Streamer Makes Racist Comments Against Indians During Livestream

Pakistani Dota 2 streamer Shiraz “Sh1zzy” Akhter has publicly made racist comments against Indians and the esports scene during a live stream on June 1st, and the Dota 2 community isn’t happy about it. 

Throughout the live stream, Sh1zzy repeatedly made distasteful comments against the Indian community, even when a portion of his chat kept calling him out for being racist. He even referenced the capture of the Indian Air Force fighter pilot Abhinandan Varthaman by Pakistan in 2019 and proceeded to make disrespectful comments about him.

Sh1zzy also bragged about the achievements of his countrymen Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan and Yawar “YawaR” Hassan and implied that Indian Dota 2 teams have achieved nothing.

When called out by some of his viewers for his blatant racism while streaming, he asked them to “drink cow piss” and claimed that he didn’t “give a f**k” about what they think.

“I’m racist as f**k? Okay. Go ahead, say it, I don’t give a s**t” Sh1zzy said. “Go and drink cow piss. Don’t type s**t in my chat.”

To justify his toxic behavior during the stream, Sh1zzy claimed that it was because of an Indian opponent who trash talked him after winning a game.

Sh1zzy explains, “There is only one context to all of this, this guy [pointing at his opponent], some random f**k, some random-ass guy from India wins a game and starts trash talking, that’s it.”

With over 5,500 followers on Twitch, Sh1zzy is certainly a popular Dota 2 streamer in Pakistan. Needless to say, these xenophobic and racist comments can easily put his channel at the risk of termination, since streamers being banned for hate comments is not a new thing on the platform.