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HeadHunterz Cup – The first organized Overwatch tournament in India

HeadHunterz Cup, the first Overwatch tournament in India organized by Drag2Death was announced on 27th of August 2016. The event featured a ₹10,000 cash prize for the first spot.

After a community-organized Overwatch tournament the previous month, Drag2death put their efforts into hosting an organized Overwatch tournament in India. The free-to-register tournament had a 6v6 format wherein 8 teams registered for the first phase of the event.

  • BAMf
  • Team Sharaabi
  • Team Vision
  • Xyber Devilz
  • Beyond Infinity
  • EDX
  • Huckleberry
  • Dare2Dream

The event followed the double-elimination format where Beyond Infinity, Team Vision, Huckleberry and Xyber Devilz progressed from the winners brackets leaving behind Team Sharaabi, BAMF, EDX and Dare2Dream.

The finals, best-of-3 was played where Huckleberry beat Beyond Infinity with a 2-1 marginal scoreline. The event was facilitated by TeamSpeak and ReaperShop.


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