Beyond Borders Overwatch Tournament#1 was community organized tournament which kicked off on April 1st, 2017 with a total prize pool of Rs.4000. 1st Prize: Rs.2500,2nd Prize: Rs.1000 and Rs.500 for the third place. 

The registrations for the tournament were free and had a 6v6 format wherein 16 teams registered for the first phase of the event. The playoffs were hosted in Best of 3 formats while the finals were Best of 5. 

The tournament was conducted in Single Elimination format where Team Ascendancy and Mini Meals progressed to meet in Grand Final. The Finals, Best-of-5 was played where Team Ascendancy thumped Mini Meals 3-1 for an emphatic victory.

Even though the scale of the tournament was not widely promoted across the globe, several foreign teams did play the Indian-organized and community driven online tournament with pleasure. X3 TCT, the best Srilankan Overwatch team was also one of the guests of the tournament joined by some Korean and Bangladesh teams.

The event was nothing sort of pumping up the Overwatch community which is considerably notional compared to the other competitive games in India. If you’re an Overwatch enthusiast and feel the same scarcity of events and other information about the game. You could head over to the largest Overwatch India Community Facebook group which facilitated the event.

Overwatch is not yet the mainstream Esports title in the Indian fraternity. Other than the community-driven tournaments and get-togethers, NVIDIA came up with a unique idea which promoted the game and their certified cafes in different parts of the country. Recently, a Morgan Stanley report also assessed that Overwatch League had the potential to make $100 million every year in the near future.

With big players entering into the development of Esports as a collective effort, the time is not very far when Overwatch will also see a tremendous growth judging by the time and effort the developers of the game have put into to acquire gamers by their liking and demands.