Overwatch Emote Swap Bug: Use Other Characters’ Emotes

Here's how you can use other characters' looping emotes in Overwatch.

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A hilarious glitch that was recently discovered in Overwatch has taken the player base of the shooter by storm. The bug allows players to use specific emotes on characters that shouldn’t be able to use them.

While initially it was thought that this was some weird glitch with the game itself, it appears like this is replicable at will. Any player can recreate the bug if they know how to, and that’s exactly what we’re going to show you today.

However, not every emote can be replicated through this bug. Only the emotes that loop can be used by other characters with this glitch.

The tutorial on the replication of this bug was originally posted by YouTuber Jeff Why in his video.

Here’s how you can replicate the bug:

  1. Choose which looping emote you want.
  2. Queue for Mystery Heroes or a game mode where the hero is automatically chosen.
  3. Go to Hero Gallery and find the emote you wish to replicate.
  4. Have the emote selected on your equip wheel when the ‘game found’ message appears on your screen.

That’s it! Once you’re in game, you can use your emote key to perform your desired looping emote which should otherwise be impossible.

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