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Outer Space FPS game Boundary coming to PS4 and PC this Summer

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One-of-a-kind space shooter, Boundary is finally coming to PS4 and PC this summer. Developed by Studio Surgical Scalpels and published by Skystone Games, Boundary was first announced in April 2020 last year by Sony.

The zero-gravity first-person shooter was originally expected to launch sometime last year but due to the pandemic and Studios moving towards WFH, the game was delayed. 

Players will take on the role of “astroperators,” also known as AOs. Every AO will have its own set of active and passive abilities as well as different basic capabilities like armor or health.

Every AO would fill their own unique roles in the harsh battlefield of space. Each AO comes equipped with a special all-white combat spacesuit and also carries an extra-vehicular backpack along with a Grapple hook and a mix of modern ballistic and futuristic weapons.

The main differentiating point of the game from other FPS will be its unique movement system. Players will have full freedom of movement and aren’t restricted by gravity or ground. While the movement is unrestricted for players, the same movement rules will apply to the debris. Floating debris or a solar panel might make for a good blind spot to conceal player approach, but the same can become a deadly weapon if players aren’t careful. 

How to get Boundary On Steam

The game is already available to wishlist off the Steam store here. The developer, Surgical Scalpels is also holding a special 3-day playtests event this weekend (January 15-17) from 10 AM PT to 12 AM. For those looking to participate in the event, check out the official Twitter here to claim yourself a promotion key.

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