Oskar to join Sprout – Report

According to a report from Jarek ‘Dekay’ Lewis, ex-mousesports player Tomás ‘Oskar’ Stastny is in discussions with the German-based team Sprout to join their Counterstrike Global Offensive, ESEA Roster. Also sideways we have come received a report from Dekay as well about BIG targetting Florian “syrsoN” Rische who is at the moment a part of Sprout’s active five. With the Czech AWPer is set to reportedly join Sprout, we may weigh upon the fact that he might replace syrsoN on the roster.

Oskar played under the Mousesports banner from August 2016 – January 2019 helping them to win the prestigious ESL One New York Title in 2018. Oskar has also bagged the 18th best player title on HLTV.org in the same year as well. But things did go the other way with Mousesports trading him to Hellraisers in exchange for the Turkish AWPer Woxic. Alas after a 6th Month stint, HellRaisers did decide to bench the veteran.