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Optic India grab first seed over Entity

Optic India secured a quick 2-0 series win (Default 1-0, Inferno 16-12) over Entity to secure first seed at the Regional Finals of the Indian Qualifiers of Zowie eXTREMESLAND ASIA 2018.

Optic started Inferno on the CT side. Entity though, managed to land the pistol round despite a 3k from Forsaken to kick off proceedings. Marzil though, ensured his 3k does not go in vain as Optic India broke back immediately.

The Optic India domination ensued as they raced to a 4-1 lead, thanks to some calculated aggression and impressive holds. Huntr managed to kill 4 Optic players but lost the 1v1 to hand Optic India their fifth round on Inferno.

By the time Forsaken clutched 1v2, Optic India had established a comfortable 7-1 lead. Optic India then chose to go for some mid aggression, which paid off, as had been the case thus far.

With the scoreline reading 11-1, Entity finally managed to break through Optic’s defence at B to land their second round on the T side. Haivaan then produced an example of the effective use of utilities that Optic India have become famous for as Antidote clutched to extend the lead.

HellRanger made sure Entity had something to defend on the CT side as he converted a 1v1 post- plant scenario over Forsaken to end the half with a scoreline of 3-12.

Antidote seemed to have pulled off a miraculous post-plant defence on B. But, Entity prevailed to get themselves the pistol round in hopes of mounting a comeback. Some boiler aggression yielded them the anti-eco. But, Forsaken hit back with a 3k to propel Optic to within 3 rounds of securing the first seed.

A couple of clean rounds followed from Entity before a calculated B hit by Optic India forced Entity into a 3-man save. Optic India chose to go for mid control and secured the A bombsite in the ensuing round, forcing Entity’s players into another save.

Facing as many as eight Tournament points, Entity started their comeback well with a B retake. Entity then proceeded to land some clean rounds on the defence and a win over pistol-wielding Optic India saw them come within 3 rounds of Overtime.

But, Optic India went for a patient hit on the B bombsite, something that caught Entity a bit off- guard. Optic closed out the map 16-12, securing the first seed at Regional Finals.

This map showed just why CT aggression is a necessity on Inferno at least, if not most maps. Optic India had already established themselves to be a team who favour aggression a-la Vega Squadron.

While some areas still need to be polished, their synchronized play and performance at the DIQ would be a warning shot to the contenders in India. Optic India have arrived and they are not here to just stay but dominate the Indian circuit.

Abhisek Bajaj
Abhisek Bajajhttp://www.talkesport.com
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