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OpTic add allu, friberg and Magisk to complete their roster

After RUSH and tarik made their way to Cloud9, OpTic had to fill their slots and they did so with allu and Friberg. Both of which have played full time for the Swedish side Ninjas in Pyjamas.

The impact of stansilaw’s departure from the lineup was severe. The team had to face pretty much the ups and downs all the time. There was little luck for OpTic with standins and backup players in this year.  As the player break is coming to an end and the second season of the year is about to kick off, OpTic have unveiled three new players: Emil “Magisk” Reif, Adam “friberg” Friberg and Aleksi “allu” Jalli.

OpTic gaming roster now has all the players from Europe; only the coach from the States:

  • mixwell
  • allu
  • friberg
  • NAF (sub)
  • Magisk
  • ImApet (coach)

OpTic which originates from North America and had players from the same region, now owns all the players from Europe.

The team’s fifth member hasn’t been officially announced yet, with NAF revealing that he will be standing in for the first week of ESL Pro League—after which OpTic is expected to reveal their last player.


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