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Omen to Receive Nerfs in Valorant Episode 2, Leaks Suggest

After dominating the competitive meta for quite a while, it seems like Omen is about to receive some serious nerfs.

Recently, Omen has been a favourite pick of Valorant players not only in pub games, but also in the competitive scene. The enigmatic agent has seen a 100% pick rate in the North American First Strike event, and rocks a skill set that can be used to easily maneuver across the map while flashing and smoking off crucial areas for his team to take. 

However, some recent leaks are suggesting that Omen is about to be nerfed quite heavily in the upcoming Episode 2 update. 

According to a tweet by Valorant Leaks, two of Omen’s abilities will receive significant nerfs in the upcoming major update. 

Omen Nerf in Valorant Episode 2

  • Dark Cover: Smoke speed reduced by 30% from 4000>2800
  • Paranoia: Price increased from $200 to $400.

While these changes are certain to reduce the agent’s winrate by a margin, it’s still likely that Omen will continue to remain a favourite pick in the competitive scene as well as pub matchmaking due to his unique ability to teleport across the map at will. 

Sonu Banerjee
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