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Omegle officially shut down after 14 years

Popular video chatting application Omegle has been officially shut down by its creators after a prolonged legal battle.

Omegle was launched with the idea of connecting people from all over the world that would help in sharing thoughts and ideas aimed at forming friendships that in no time have turned into something far from what it was. Omegle users got a kick out of meeting strangers and forming surprising bonds with people that they might not meet again but now it has turned into a source of suggestive content.

Since meeting with strangers online has its potential risks, several authorities and organisations weren’t much of a fan of Omegle’s ideas to begin with, especially when dealing with minors. The founder, Leif K-Brooks announced that the forces opposing their existence has finally got the better of them which has prompted Omegle to be shut down.

“Over the years, people have used Omegle to explore foreign cultures; to get advice about their lives from impartial third parties; and to help alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation,”

“Virtually every tool can be used for good or for evil, and that is especially true of communication tools, due to their innate flexibility,” Brooks posited. They were however firmly against the idea of completely eliminating something with the potential for good, solely because there is also a potential for harm. “Analogies are a limited tool, but a physical-world analogy might be shutting down Central Park because crime occurs there,” “Or perhaps more provocatively, destroying the universe because it contains evil.”

In his heartfelt message, Brooks harped on the fact that Omegle is a tool that can used “for good or for evil.”. While there are obvious downsides to the system, we cannot ignore the fact that the ideas on which the foundation of Omegle was laid deserved a better ending than this. Omegle has helped its users with loneliness and isolation which is an obvious upside that is being ignored by the parties that are against its existence.

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