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October saw CSGO top the list of most played game on steam

October 2019 saw Counter Strike Global Offensive to top the steam charts for the most played title on the platform. Counter-Strike edged out Dota 2, which reigned the number 1 spot for a long time. CS:GO saw a player count of 747,937, followed by Dota 2 with 739,924 and both maintaining a comfortable cushion over PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with 637,870 concurrent players. This also recorded the highest average player count for the game.

One of the key points behind this rise is the Starladder Berlin Major in early September which brought back the occasional players interest back in the game, seeing the best teams perform a lot of the players were attracted back to the game. Besides the Major, Valve decided to make CS:GO a free to play game in December of 2018 with garnered the interest of the casual gamers who wanted to try it out and by the looks of things, they stayed behind. One of the most favorite maps in the game, de_cache was revamped by Valve, although it is not available for classic matchmaking, players can enjoy it in scrimmage,Deathmatches and 3 Party Client servers like ESEA and FaceIt, which also counts as one to reason for players to tune back.

CSGO is considered to be a dead game by many. Those numbers sure do look impressive but they aren’t the highest in the game’s history, post-MGL Colombus Major saw the highest player count of 850,485 which is just over 100,000 players above the current situation.

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