Number one Apex Legends Mobile Predator is openly cheating

Apex Legends Season 15

While mobile game cheats are getting more and more common these days, most cheaters remain discrete about it or try to not make it obvious in the gameplay, however, there has been one Apex Legends Mobile player who holds the number 1 position for Predator has been blatantly cheating while promoting the ones who sell those cheats.

The poor anti-cheat system has been exposed by the said player who has been using cheats that give advantages in terms of auto aim lock, enhanced movements, and unlimited ammunition and surprisingly holds the number one position that has gone unnoticed to this day.

Once surfaced, this player has been promoting the cheats while others are constantly asking for the developers to take action against them. This has drastically changed the dynamics leaving the players frustrated.

Holding 21,507 RP in Predator, the use of third party software to get an edge over the others is readily apparent but the anti-cheat systems have failed to take any action against the player thus far. To everyonapex legee’s surprise, the player uses the name of the cheat developers in his UID while holding the top stop on the ladder and has dodged attention from developers so far.

The community believes that “this proves there is 0 anti-cheat” and “there is no actual banning system” to detect cheats that have let this player continue in the servers so far. Competitive integrity is non-existent as long as this person remains active or so the community believes.

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