NRG Esports has let go, Maxwell Bateman, once in the past one of their managers, following charges that he sexually assaulted Twitch streamer, Dezaray Luna.

Luna claims that Bateman welcomed her over to his home after she felt debilitated while drinking with companions. In her TwitLonger articulation, she portrays Bateman as one of her “closest friends,” and says that he made the last drink she had that night. Luna says that while she went to Bateman’s to get her keys, she rather nodded off on his lounge chair and woke up hacking up blood.

She at that point affirms she went into Bateman’s room, where he was playing computer games while she was passed out. Luna at that point asserts that Bateman set down alongside her and sexually exploited her. She says he at that point drove her home.


Luna has since posted screenshots of instant messages professedly amongst her and Bateman in which Bateman apologizes and asserts he thought she was calm when the occurrence happened.

As indicated by a police report that Luna provided for theScore esports, the occurrence happened between Sept. 30 and Oct. 1. Luna opened up to the world on Nov. 6, and soon after distributing her affirmations on TwitLonger, NRG director Andy Miller tweeted that Bateman had been let go as a major aspect of the organization’s zero-resistance approach.

Until the time of publishing this story, there has been no acknowledgment and statement coming in from Bateman about the allegations made.

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