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Noble Esports acquire a PUBG Mobile roster from India

Noble Esports ventures into mobile esports industry by acquiring an Indian PUBG Mobile roster. The roster includes new players which have no significant reach in professional PUBG Mobile community yet.

Noble Esports is a North American esports oganization that was founded in 2014. This organisation has been active in a variety of games over the course of time. The organization had active rosters in CS:GO, Gears of War, Halo, League of Legends, Smite, World of Tanks, Dota 2, and Heroes Of The Storm. Many of these teams disbanded and currently they have a Rocket League active roster, according to Liquipedia.

Noble Esports announced their entry into Indian PUBG Mobile market by acquiring a new team whose players are presumably underdogs.


The squad did appear in PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 under name of Team Falcons. They managed to make it to the quarter-finals but could not pave their path to the semi-finals.

This move from Noble Esports is quite surprising as other international organizations that entered Indian PUBG Mobile scene picked up the best veterans from the scene. From Fnatic acquiring the star lineup of Team XSpark to TSM, NOVA Esports forming partnership with local powerhouses Entity Gaming and Team Godlike respectively, all of these organisations acquired the best teams from the region.

The move to get an underdog lineup is not new in India. A Mongolian team named No Chance Team earlier announced their own underdog lineup in India. No Chance Team is fairly known team in global PUBG Mobile esports as they made an appearance in PUBG Mobile World League through wildcard region.

Noble Esports may have picked up the prodigies that could emerge as one of the best in future. Acquiring an underdog is not necessarily the safest approach in the scene but may prove as a move with high risk – high reward potential.

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