Photo via BLAST

BLAST Pro Stand of is a stage where 3rd and the 4th placed teams lock horn, players are put up to a 1 versus 1 challenge where 5 players are given the freedom to chose a weapon for themselves, while his opponent in the other team will be rocking the same weapon. Weapons involved are M4A4, AK-47, CZ-75, Desert Eagle and finally the AWP. The stand-offs are a signature event in Blast tournament and the recent event in Moscow had Ninjas In Pajamas and Natus Vincere face one another.

The BLAST Stand-Off! concluded to these results.

  • M4 – Plopski vs. flamie (6:7)
  • Deagle – Lekr0 vs. Boombl4 (7:5)
  • AK47 – REZ vs. electronic (4:7)
  • CZ75 – GeT_RiGhT vs. Zeus (7:0)
  • AWP – f0rest vs. s1mple (4:7)
  • Total score: NiP vs. Natus Vincere (28:26)
Photo via BLAST

This was the last professional match up for Zeus, who sees this as the last time he will be leading NaVi or any other team for that matter. NaVi had some players excel on an individual level but a disheartening ending to Zews’s career, as he was a victim of the CZ’s low magazine capacity, the fight against NIP skipper Get_Right went to a knife duel and Zews fell on the receiving end. Giving them a straight 7 rounds by the rules laid out by BLAST.