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Nintendo sold over 1 million Switch consoles in China

Nintendo’s handheld console, Switch is one of the fastest-selling console of the last decade. Since its launch on March 3, 2017, the Nintendo Switch has sold over 70 million consoles worldwide. The console is one of the most sought after handheld device and with the pandemic still at large, the console is flying off-market shelves as soon as inventory is refreshed.

A little over a year, Nintendo officially launched Switch in China in partnership with Tencent. Since is launch the Nintendo Switch has sold more than 1 million consoles in China and have become one of China’s most popular console, with sales surpassing those of Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One combined.

“The 1 million sales figure is bigger than the combined sales of Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One over the same period”, said Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad. According to analysts, even with factoring in the game sales, the sale of 1 million console units alone is worth more than 2 billion yuan (US$300 Million) and shows how popular Switch is when compared to PS4 launched in 2015 and Xbox One launched in 2014.

Even with a limited number of Nintendo original games available at launch Switch still managed to find its place among the Chinese fans. Tencent and Nintendo have since only managed to get one game approved for release, New Super Mario Bros Deluxe. Even after the Super Mario Bros Deluxe’s launch, there are only 13 games available for Switch owners in China, the majority of which comes from Chinese developers.

However, itis believed that the sales of the console were largely boosted due to the Chinese release of the popular home exercise game, Ring Fit Adventure back in August 2020.


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