Ninja says he won’t play Fortnite after getting stream sniped

ninja valorant

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins says, he won’t play Fortnite ever again after getting stream sniped and targeted and killed by the same player for four games in a row.

Ninja’s rise to stardom was off the back of the Fortnite bandwagon back when the game originated. The game that earned him his fortune after he parted ways with playing Halo professionally for a long time. Though the game made him all that he is today, the same game recently has been the cause of his frustration, where his audience stream snipes to bully the streamer.

For those who don’t know what stream sniping is “Stream sniping is an opportunistic tactic in online gaming when a viewer exploits information by watching the livestream of someone they’re playing against. It’s a simple trick, but stream sniping can result in an experience so frustrating that it can send a livestreamer into expletive-addled rages that get them banned from Twitch.” according to Business Insider.

“It’s the same kids, bro. Get out of my game. Get away from me,” “You’re not proving anything by going into a f**king game and running to someone, and when you know, they’re in a fight with somebody and f**king killing them.”

“This game is so f**king stupid, bro,” he added. “Like, the community, these little kids, it’s just so dumb. It really is. It’s not fun. It’s just not. And the thing is, these f**king clout-chasing losers, they have no idea. All they’re doing is just harming the game because I’m gonna f**king play it. I’m not gonna stream it.”

“But good for you, man,” he said. “Get your f**king clip [and] send it to your buddies. You killed Ninja. I haven’t played the game in forever. I don’t play it anymore. I come back, and I still almost kill all of you idiots. You guys grind this game 12 hours a day… and I still almost down you with zero practice competitively.” said Ninja.

Its sad to see someone like Ninja leave the game after what he has achieved in the game. Only if a few of the community members were a little more understanding Ninja would have had a pleasant stay in the game the helped him reach where he is today.