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Ninja earned $5 million in a month only from his Fortnite Creator Code

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5 million dollars is a big amount, even for top content creators except for the likes of Tyler Blevins aka Ninja. According to the Twitch streamer, his monthly earning from the Fortnite Creator Code alone racks up to $5 million

For those not aware of the Fortnite Creator Code, it is a program that permits Fortnite content creators to procure 5% of benefits from in-game transactions. This works by players placing in special codes will they buy things from the game and these codes are unique to every streamer.

“I think the most I’ve ever made in a month off the Creator Code was like five mil, I’m not joking. It was funny, man. I actually talked sh** to someone the other day in a stream who was roasting my League of Legends gameplay, and I told him that I could buy his family tree. It was hilarious.” said Ninja.

Fortnite developers are always pushing new skins and guns that are keeping the player base engaged. Given how fancy the new skins are, everyone wants to grab a piece for themselves which explains the incredible number of micro-transactions taking place.

Ninja boasts a huge following and his fans never shy away from using his creator code therefore the 5 million won’t seem much and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to the number go up in the near future.

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