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NICKMERCS Signs a Non-Exclusive Streaming Deal with Kick

In a significant move that’s set to reshape the streaming landscape, Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff, a renowned streaming personality, has inked a non-exclusive deal with Kick. This strategic partnership means that NICKMERCS will be dividing his streaming hours between Kick and the well-established platform, Twitch.

Over the past year, Kick has been steadily gaining traction, positioning itself as a formidable contender to Twitch’s long-standing supremacy. This Stake-supported platform has been strategically signing streamers to non-exclusive contracts, allowing them the freedom to broadcast on multiple platforms. One of the most notable signings includes xQc, who reportedly secured a staggering $100 million contract with Kick.

NICKMERCS’ New Chapter with Kick

The MFAM leader, NICKMERCS, has now committed to a one-year partnership with Kick. While he retains the liberty to stream on both Twitch and Kick, a significant portion of his broadcasts will now be hosted on Kick. This transition will commence on October 23, right after the culmination of his MFAM Central event in Las Vegas.

In a statement reflecting his enthusiasm, the FaZe Clan icon mentioned, “Building a community is everything I’ve ever wanted to do. By expanding on Kick.com, I’ll be able to reach new audiences and welcome even more fans into the MFAM. We will compete on big stages, host big events, and share new content in new ways. This is a major move for me, and I can’t wait to share this new experience with the community. It’s all for them.”

Future Prospects and Collaborations

With this new alliance, NICKMERCS will be hosting several of his signature MFAM Gauntlet events on Kick, potentially boasting even larger prize pools. Moreover, this shift to Kick will pave the way for collaborations with other streamers, such as Dr Disrespect, who has been off-limits on Twitch due to a long-standing ban.

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