NICKMERCS deletes all Twitch VODs and Clips

In light of recent news of Twitch amassing nearly “1000 individual claims” for DMCA strikes, FaZe Clan streamer/content creator NICKMERCS has deleted all his VODs and Clips fearing a possible DMCA strikes.

DMCA strikes are a streamer’s worst nightmare and judging by recent cases, these strikes come at a random time for the oldest of old videos.

With the news to Twitch collecting over “1000 individual claims”, the panic-stricken streamers are acting out and NICK is the first major streamer to take such a drastic measure.

He believes that the whole DMCA situation is a mess and everyone should know better than to blame Twitch for it.

Twitch has actively stated to be working with music labels over licensing that will help with DMCA strikes in the future. Streamers often play copyrighted music and the record labels want to be fairly compensated, post compensation, authorizations are handed out for a streamer to commercially use it.

Despite preemptive action, NICKMERCS has held himself from blaming it all on Twitch. Deleting all VODs and Clips is one way to squeeze past any strikes at the cost of disappointing fans who often come back for it.

For someone like NICK, who plays songs while broadcasting to 50-60K viewers puts him in a prime position to get served with a DMCA strike.