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Neymar Calls Counter-Strike 2 “Broken” After Missing AWP Shot

Football Star's Gaming Skills Spark Online Debate

Soccer superstar Neymar Jr. might be a football legend, but even the best athletes have bad days. His recent Instagram story, where he blamed a missed AWP shot during a Counter-Strike 2 match on a “broken” game, went viral. Was this just a pro gamer moment of frustration, or does the game really need a fix?

The Clip That Sparked the Flame

In the clip, Neymar positions himself bottom mid, aiming at opponents peeking top mid. He scopes in with his AWP, fires…and misses. Understandably irked, he then tags CS2 devs in his story, calling the game “broken.” This ignited a huge online debate, and not everyone’s taking his side.

Hit or Miss? The Community’s Not Sure

Fans are divided. Some CS2 veterans insist he simply missed, while others empathize with the frustration of potential glitches or “ghost bullets.” The truth is, even experienced players sometimes encounter hiccups, whether due to lag or imperfect hit registration.

This incident highlights a larger concern for the CS2 community: rampant cheating and a perceived lack of effective measures from developers. Some high-profile streamers have even abandoned the game entirely due to these issues.

Neymar’s gaming woes may unintentionally draw attention to the legitimate problems plaguing CS2. While he’s known for his skills on the pitch, could his celebrity status help mobilize other players to demand a better gaming experience?

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