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Newbee are your Nanyang Dota 2 Champions

Nanyang Dota 2 Championships

Newbee are your Nanyang Dota 2 champions after defeating Wings Gaming in an amazing best of five grand finals.

Both Chinese teams ending up being in the grand finals is a wake up call for all the Western and American teams. Wings Gaming and Newbee are showing the potential to be a threat to all other teams participating at The International 6.

Game Analysis of the Grand Finals of Nanyang Dota 2 Championships.

Game 1

nanyang dota 2 championships - game 1

With a fresh mind and a goal to win the Nanyang dota 2 championships Wings gaming pulls off a pushing lineup Including DK and beastmaster with Necro’s healing power.

The basic goal of wings gaming here was to achieve a tier 3 push by minute 25 by securing their early game. Wings gaming even after securing first blood in the game, Terrorblade was able to get 3 kills on the safe lane which eventually allowed him to start fighting early and stick with the team as five. This allowed newbee to dodge the 5 man death ball push comming out from wings gaming and they were able to secure the game one in a long 52 mins run.

Game 2

nanyang dota 2 championships - game 2

This time things were a bit different from both the sides.

Team Newbee decides to get their hands on to a push lineup including Terrorblade – Dazzle lane and also a Death Prophet in the middle lane. With this 3 picks the push can be scary for any teams losing team fights. Wings Gaming here decides to grab a 4th pick Warlock which is actually forgotten in the meta and grabbing Luna as their last pick which completely surprised the Newbee line up with the damage amplifications by Shadow Demon and Elder Titan.

Game 3

nanyang dota 2 championships - game 3

This time newbee tries to adapt Wings Gaming’s line up by denying the picks and picking that heros insted namely – luna, Dk and Beastmaster as jungle position 4. The push lineup however didn’t work against shadows morphling who dominated the game with a score of 17/1/1 i.e a KDA of 18.

Game 4
Newbee are your Nanyang Dota 2 Champions

Wings Gaming was one step away from be crowned as the Nanyang Dota 2 Champions for Season 2 but newbee came out with an aggressive trio at  the bottom lane. With strong dual core line up of Naga Siren and Weaver, Newbee was able to pull out the game and go to the decider game 5.

Game 5

Newbee are your Nanyang Dota 2 Champions 2

The final game – One who wins takes it all.

This game had some questionable bans by Wings gaming such as viper and medusa.

Since the team decided to pick up Alchemist y would they not ban AA. Picking up 3 invisible heros and not banning up slardar was also a bit questionable from Wings Gaming Side. With a classic drow and huskar at the front line while io overpowering him. Newbee had the game in the bag in 36:19 minutes.

Many of the Western teams have withdrawn from the tournament due to some reasons but its now open that this year Chinese teams will be taking the things to the next level to claim the Agies of Championships at The International 6.

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Vishal 'Arrow' Gupta
Vishal 'Arrow' Gupta
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