Legendary Chinese Dota 2 organization announced their new roster for 2019-20 earlier today.

After placing 2nd at TI7 (2017) , Newbee has faced a lot of issues with their roster, and have not had a good run in any tournament in the past 2 years, despite completely overhauling their old lineup that participated at TI7.

Newbee have retained their captain from TI7, Newbee.Faith (Hongda Zeng) as well as Newbee.Wizard (Lipeng Wen) and Newbee.Waixi (Chao Yan) from their roster from the 2018-19 DPC season.

Newbee has introduced 2 new players Newbee. Fonte (Xingyu Lai) and Newbee.Aq (Rui Yin), who are completely unknown entities.

Newbee announcement:

Newbees past have won and lost glory, and now we return in search of more. Today, we are announcing our new Dota 2 roster! The third generation of newbee is ready for action!
With their great performances in MGB and Newbee, awen and Waixi stay on the team, with awen changing his ID to Newbee.Wizard.
Fonte, Aq, and Faith have transferred from Typhoon Esports Club to Newbee. Position 1 player Fonte is an aggressive carry who often leads the team to victory. At just 19 years of age, Aq is one of the most promising mids in china. And finally, Faith returns to newbee as a Ti champion, and runner-up with Newbee, to lend his wealth of experience to the rest of the team. This brand new newbee is now together and ready to compete in the upcoming qualifiers.

The legacy of the past lingers still, it’s time for us to sail once again!

Thank you to our sponsors, Raybet, Li-Ning, Intel, NVIDIA GeForce, Secretlab and Sennheiser for your constant support. And also big thanks to our fans for your encouragement throughout the years.

Keep Newbee And Carry On!”

Newbee Dota2 Roster:

  • Newbee.Fonte (Xingyu Lai)
  • Newbee.Aq (Rui Yin)
  • Newbee.Wizard (Lipeng Wen)
  • Newbee.Waixi (Chao Yan)
  • Newbee.Faith (Hongda Zeng)
  • Newbee.Key (Guo Li) (Coach)
  • Newbee.Banana (Jiao Wang) (Manager)

We wish the new Newbee roster best of luck for the 2019-20 DPC season.