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New Twitch emotes will help streamers support artists

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Emotes were a big part of Twitch from its early days. They were designed a fun part for viewers to support the streamers and for obvious reasons it carries a storied history for the Amazon owned streaming platform.

Emotes are a fun way that uniquely distinguish every streamer from each other. They are unique and functional in its own way for which there is a lot of efforts that goes into its making.

Creators of these emotes did not get enough credit, until the latest update that would let streamers give shout-out to these artists.

The update on May 17 will be adding a way to credit the artist who created each individual emote, and a way to link to their Twitch profile, as well. Now, when streamers upload an emote, they can enter the name of the artist who created it and their name will show.

Never a better time to be an emote creator on Twitch, no more worries about exposure!

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