New CSGO Update Fixes Mirage One-Way Smoke Bug During PGL Major

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If you’ve been following the PGL Antwerp Major for the past few days, then you’re probably already aware of the infamous one-way smoke bug that has been haunting the tournament participants over the past few days.

The bug was first used by G2’s mONSEY against Imperial during a match on May 14. Since then, the clip was quick to spread like wildfire on social media platforms, where fans of the shooter and professional players asked Valve to fix the bug at the earliest.

The one-way smoke bug allowed players to see through the Mirage window towards mid while their enemies couldn’t see the other way around.

Luckily, Valve has listened to the players, and they have swiftly shipped out an update to the live servers that fixed this problem.

The patch notes for the May 15th CSGO update simply reads, “fixed a recently reported smoke bug.” No other new addition has been made to the title through the latest patch.

Moving forward in the tournament, teams participating in the PGL major will no longer be able to use the smoke bug to gain an unfair competitive advantage over their opponents.

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