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New CS2 Update Addresses Issues With Sub-Tick, Enables 4-Stack Matchmaking in Premier

A new CS2 update is here, and it has brought with it some drastic improvements to the sub-tick system to improve visual and audio feedback for various inputs from the players’ perspectives.

Since the dawn of the release of Counter-Strike 2, the updated sub-tick system that the competitive shooter boasts has continued to spark debates within the community. While the new and upgraded system should theoretically be much better than the standard 64-tick matchmaking in CSGO, complaints in various social media forums began to surface that the shooting, movement, and recoil in CS2 felt “off”.

The new CS2 update seems to fix this sub-tick issue that has haunted the game’s player base since the title’s release. Moving forward, all visual and audio feedback from sub-tick input—such as movement acceleration and muzzle flashes—will always render on the next frame, instead of immediately rendering on the next tick. This should make movement and shooting feel much more natural for players and the difference is immediately noticeable upon booting up a game.

Besides the sub-tick changes, the latest CS2 update enabled 4-stack matchmaking for Premier mode. Parties of four players are now eligible to queue in the Premier game mode of CS2, but solo players who get matched on the same team with the 4-stack will get vote kick immunity.

Lastly, the new CS2 patch also introduces various improvements to the game’s overall audio and changes to some maps. Fans can read all about the update by checking out the official patch notes by Valve.

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