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New Cache 2019: All the changes made to the updated CSGO Map

One of the most popular maps on CSGO saw an update on 10th of October, after it was added to the Steam Workshop for the community to play. The map was first previewed on the 29th September before the ESL One New York Finals in a showmatch.

Now that it is out for the public, here are all the changes:

New Z Connector Window


A window beside the Z connector has been added to give the CT’s a better chance to defend against the terrorist onslaught. In the previous iteration, a smoke at Z and prefiring spool would easily give the T’s control. The elevated window also acts as a neutralizer for the height advantage that the mid boost gives for the terrorists.

A Site Revamp


A new box has been added along with a boost near the truck end of the site. The squeaky area has been lit up, while a new truck has been added at the centre of the site. All these moves will allow the defenders to have better angles to peek from.

B Bombsite and Toxic Changes


The B Bombsite has been opened up completely, including the checkers, which means that it will be easier to throw nades and smokes outside the site for better executions. Conversely it will also help the CT’s in retakes, as the B site is generally difficult to retake.


B halls and toxic also sees some changes, with thinner walls that will make wallbangs much easier.

While the update has been for the benefit of both sides in different areas, as the map is played more often there will be different tricks and defences that will change the meta of the map. One thing is for certain: Whichever team adapts the fastest in the inital days after its release, will most likely dominate this map.

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