Nevada approves esports league betting for CSGO in a historic ruling

Coronavirus has infused fear and panic all across the world. Major sports leagues and tournaments are suspended to prevent further spreading of this pandemic, as we witness athletes locked into their homes. In such times of complete lockdown, we see Esports boom as quarantine is forcing people to turn to gaming.

The state of Nevada’s latest ruling saw the state approve bookmakers to allow Counter Strike Global Offensive wagers to be accepted, having already given a permit to accept bets on specific events and not on a league basis. William Hill marks as the first Las Vegas sportsbook to take esports betting far more mainstream.

The coronavirus played a big role to bring this decision to allow esports betting into fruition. Casinos across Las Vegas are shut down to avoid people gathering in large groups, as betting marks an important aspect of Vegas, Esports betting being the major form of gambling will come in handy for people who like to play their fate.

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