According to, Cloud9’s Ex-Pro Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert has reportedly bashed Valve’s choices which do weigh the fact that Valve is still backing its Flagship FPS Title which goes by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with 64 Tick Servers in their matchmaking. Whereas on the other hand famous third-party applications like ESEA and FACEIT have been delivering their player base with 128 tick servers which do reflect a lot of changes in their gameplay.

Tickrate also affects how nades work. Below video is also a good example.

Earlier when such kind of acquisitions were made by others regarding the implementation of 128 Tickrate servers in the matchmaking pool, Valve did retaliate by saying they weren’t looking to bring the claimed changed as the game was yet incapable to run higher than 100 frames per second. Also, In-Game CSGO Observer did express his thoughts alongside n0thing on his twitter, “I know I’m beating a dead horse, but it’s crazy to me that CSGO matchmaking still isn’t 128 tick rate yet. If a new player was watching a Valve Major and they watched their favourite player line up smoke and throw it and then they go try it themselves in MM, it wouldn’t land correctly” You can find out more in his tweet here below which does emphasize more on the same.

Also, some fans did suggest countries like Russia, India and other regions like Turkey Should be provided with the servers which would only separate the player base which would thus bring light on dealing with player base splintering. Since the last decade ESEA, FACEIT and CEVO who do have 128 Tickrate servers widespread across the globe but their environment do come along with a fact, ‘They are paid services.’

With prius and n0thing having contributed on to this issue, we might see Valve bring in some changes for sure, fingers crossed.

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