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Mumbai boy spent ₹10L on PUBG to imitate ‘Youtuber’ and ran away

A Mumbai teenager fled from home after spending a large sum of ₹10 Lakhs in PUBG to imitate his favourite gaming YouTuber and to boast in front of his friends. His parents lodged a complaint in police station and eventually, the boy was tracked and reunited with his parents.

PUBG Mobile has been infamous for allegedly inculcating bad values in Indian youth and was cited as one of the reason for PUBG Mobile ban in India. Even though the topic remains debatable, multiple cases involving unauthorized monetary transactions were observed in the past.

Recently a similar incident came into limelight when parents of a Mumbai teenager approached MIDC police station to report that their son was missing. During the investigation, it was revealed that the teen was addicted to PUBG for a month and spent ₹10 lakh on in-game ID and to buy virtual currency from his mobile phone, as per a report by Tatva India..

Parents of this 16-year-old boy found out about these online transactions and confronted by scolding him. The boy took an irrational step to leave the home and left a letter behind. A police investigation was launched and they found the teenager by scanning CCTV footage and tracing his movements. The boy was found at Mahakali Caves road in Andheri.

The officials counselled the child as well as his parents on this matter and they were eventually reunited.

PUBG creators have launched a new game called Battlegrounds Mobile India in the country and even though this game is very similar to PUBG Mobile, the developers have made sure to put multiple restrictions on minors playing this game. Minors cannot make large purchases or play the game after a certain time period.

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