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MrBeast gifts fan a new house for winning Minecraft challenge

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MrBeast starts off 2021 with a bang, presenting an avid fan with a brand new house as a reward for winning the Minecraft challenge.

MrBeast for one popularized giving money on YouTube, though there were YouTubers in the past who shared a huge amount of money to show their gratitude towards someone or something, but MrBeast did often did it for no reason what so ever, and donated to random people with no prior association.

This was something unprecedented but the community took a liking of it and he statred posting insane views on his videos.

Mr Beast was open to any builds in the challenge as long as it was a house and that made this challenge all the more wild and bizarre. He had to go through thousands of crazy builds before deciding on SaveMrSquishy to be the victor witha close to perfect score of 28/30.

His version of it included a small house inside of a glass sphere using a Christmas asthenic spread throughout with a decorated tree and snow.

To start off the year giving away a house is something that can be expected from MrBeast and one can be said for certain that this won’t be the last giveaway he does this year.

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