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MortaL announces break from competitive PUBGM scene

Indian PUBGM star and Team Soul member Mortal has announced an indefinite break from the competitive PUBGM scene. The Youtube star iterated that the PMSC 2019 will be his last competitive event with Team Soul, after which he plans to focus on streaming full-time.

Mortal explained his decision in length, citing family responsibilities and the inability to balance streaming hours as the main reasons for his decision to move away from the competitive scene. While he did not pinpoint a certain time period of the break, he did hint that he could come back to the competitive scene in the future.

Mortal was part of the Team Soul roster that recently participated in PMCO 2019 in Berlin. The only Indian representatives finished 12th in a pool of 16 teams in the 2.5 million USD event. While disappointed with the result, Mortal highlighted that the poor placement was not a reason behind his decision to take a step back.

There has been no decision as to who will replace Mortal within the active lineup for Team Soul. But, Mortal explained that he will continue to stream with his current teammates Ronal, Owais and Viper and will focus on being a full-time streamer for the foreseeable future.

Mortal though, did say that he was open to work as a full-time mentor for emerging PUBGM teams in India.

What the future holds for Team Soul and their active lineup remains to be seen. Bittersweet news for Mortal fans though, as they will get to see more of their favourite PUBGM star on his streams, albeit at the cost of him being a professional in the competitive circuit.

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