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Monster Hunter Rise demo players will get free rewards in-game

Capcom is offering bonus goodies to anyone who has played the demo as long as they keep their save files.

Monster Hunter Rise, which is the latest title in the Monster Hunter series recently got a demo on the Nintendo Switch eShop last Friday. Capcom announced that a bonus pack will be given to all players who have the demo’s save data stored on their Switch consoles. However, your progress will not carry over to the full release. Monster Hunter Rise Demo players are going to get a lot of in-game rewards.

Monster Hunter Rise Demo rewards:

  • x20 Mega Potion
  • x5 Pitfall Trap
  • x10 Energy Drink
  • x5 Mega Demondrug
  • x5 Mega Armorskin   

The demo introduces new monsters, locations, and abilities and features all 14 available weapons and 4 quests, players can also tame and ride monsters in the demo which is one of the many available traversal options alongside ziplines. Rise’s demo was so popular that it crashed the eShop’s servers as an overwhelming number of players were eager to download it.

The 1.6GB demo is only available until 31st January and is playable both locally and online, provided you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Monster Hunter Rise will hit the shelves on March 26 exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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