MissBehavin banned on Twitch for streaming inappropriate content

MissBehavin faced a three days ban on Twitch over content that violated the community guidelines restricting adult content on the platform.

Boasting over 40000 subscribers on Twitch, she can often be found under the Just Chatting category. Other than chatting with her followers on Twitch, she specializes in adult content across Instagram and other platforms. Reports suggest that the Twitch ban comes in correlation with the same content that got her followers on OnlyFans.

MissBehavin was handed a three days ban for streaming what she finds appropriate. In her defense, she argued on Twitter that she has no reason to show something on Twitch for free that fans would usually pay for otherwise. Some of her fans agree with her while others find Twitch’s decision to be justified.

MissBehavin has a popular Onlyfans and a healthy influx of new followers across other live streaming that allow adult content. Logically she has no reason to violet the Twitch guidelines but in any case, if she did, Twitch might as well let it pass. A large part of the audience on Twitch is kids below 18 who might get swayed into something they shouldn’t so Twitch can’t be blamed to be overly cautious while dealing with adult content.

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