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Minecraft YouTuber Dream explains his apology

After months of dismissing accusations of cheating, Dream has explained what made him come clean and apologize to his fans, instigating some serious drama.

His case seemed to have been collecting dust and the community was so close to forgetting about it altogether, just when Dream surprised everyone with an unannounced apology, accepting all the allegations and sending waves across the Minecraft community, given he is one of its biggest names.

He admitted to cheating during his speedruns and pawned it off on ignorance as he claims to unaware of the active drop rate plugin.

“The speedrun that was removed for being invalid from 7 months ago was on my Twitch, with donations off, I’m not even partnered on twitch, and was never uploaded anywhere on any of my channels. I didn’t make a dime or gain a single view or subscriber off of it.

“Yet it’s my “crowning achievement”, of which was never mentioned anywhere on any of my platforms except for a single tweet on my 2nd Twitter account. It was also the lowest placing run that I had ever submitted. It had very little to do with my content if anything at all.

“That doesn’t change anything from the speedrun perspective, the speedrun community is a very strict one and that’s a super good thing. Just pointing out that it had absolutely nothing to do with my actual content or Youtube, and was just a for fun thing.

“Criticism is deserved if anybody makes mistakes, even if they are unintentional. No one is immune to criticism. I could have said nothing at all and continued on, but I chose to say something because I felt it was the right thing to do. I’m glad that I did

“I have always played for fun for 11 years and that’s why all of my videos are me and my friends goofing off playing Minecraft together. I’ll keep making the best content I can and I’ll keep growing as a person as I’ve always tried to do.

“If you want reasons to hate someone or to think someone is dishonest, you will find them with anybody. I’ll keep on spreading positivity. love u guys : )”

In short, Dream has taken all the blame upon him and asked for forgiveness. Given the fact that he is an entertainer, the community may chose to go easy on him. Coming clean by himself will help remedy damaged relationship with his admirers to some extent.

Better late than never, there is nothing holding him back as of late. This debacle by no means is career ending for him but is bound to leave a major impact. His fame can overshadow this drama in no time and the community will move onto the next drama as the streaming community never fails to deliver on it.

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